All Change!

As you may have noticed, Front of House Theatre Company has been a bit quiet for the past few months, but with good reason! We’ve been undergoing some changes, so thank you for bearing with us. We are now ready to get things moving again, alongside our shiny new website, so here’s what’s been going on:

Team Changes:

After nearly two years with the company we say goodbye to Samantha Schofield as Co-Artistic Director as she goes onto new and exciting things in Canada. Sammy is off to Toronto to fulfil her dreams of theatre, and is very sad to be leaving the position of Co-Artistic Director at FOH Theatre Company. She is extremely excited to hear of the relaunch of the company and wishes all who get involved all the love and luck in the world. “This Company promises good opportunities to staff at the NT and has certainly given her the confidence to move forward as a potential producer in future projects. Go FOH!”

We also say farewell to Vander da Silva who is heading to Australia to pursue exciting new opportunities.

Associate Director, Brigitte Adela will be stepping down from the Front of House Theatre Creative Team to concentrate on running her own theatre company, Written Foundations.

We would like to welcome two new members to the team, Katie Overstall and Carla Almeida. Katie will be joining us as an Associate Artist and Carla as an Associate Producer.

Your new look Front of House Team now looks like this:

Check out our Who’s Who page for more information.


As we mentioned above, we have a new website! This is the place to come for information on our upcoming projects, previous productions and Skills Exchange and Outreach programmes. We’d especially like to thank Alex Grey for designing our fantastic new logo.

To find out more about our talented members, head to our Previous Production pages and click on the links. We’re also introducing a new feature, a monthly update of what all our lovely members are up to. Keep an eye on the homepage for that.