shakespeare collage

As part of the #‎Shakespeare400‬ celebrations Neil Clarke and Dana Olarescu have co-directed a series of five filmed Shakespeare monologues from Richard III, Titus Andronicus, Henry IV, Timon of Athens, and Troilus and Cressida.

Here they have given traditionally male speeches to female actors and vice versa. As well as questioning notions and expectations of gender through this inverse casting, it also provides an opportunity for female actors to play types of characters denied them by the canon of female Shakespearean roles.

Cast & Crew

Performers: Holly Boyden | Carrie Hill | Sarah Twomey | Katie Overstall | Ed Yelland

Directors: Neil Clarke & Dana Olărescu
Editors: Alexandra Boanta & Jamie Ramsay
Make Up: Isabella Van Braeckel
Producer: Helen Thomas

With Thanks To: Peter Deacon, Bojana Janković, Patrícia Venâncio Oliveira,
and Maria Tânjală,