New Writing Showcase 2014

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FoH Theatre Company is proud to present New Writing Showcase 2014

7th December 2014 at The Vaults, Waterloo

Featuring five new short plays, in which we encounter abnormal births, the end of the world, unlikely friendships, backstage gossip and an unhealthy obsession with orange juice.

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Nothing But Mammals

By Michael Ross | Directed by Arabella Langley

Zoe and Simon have had a baby, but their daughter Izzy isn’t exactly what they expected. A Darwinian dark comedy about parenthood and how we’re all just animals really.

Simon: Matthew Durkan | Zoe: Felicity Cant

Producer: Brigitte Adela


You and I Are Earth

By Neil Clarke | Directed by KatieAnn McDonough

Two boys spend a night together at the end of the world.

Alec: Aaron J Gordon | Zach: Sergio Maggiolo

Producer: Helen Thomas


But He’s English

By Daisy Watford | Directed by Sarah Twomey

One community clumsy in grief, quick to jump on to the bandwagon and even quicker to stereotype.

Karishma: Shazia Nicholls | Camille: Lekhani Chirwa | Dan / John: Luke Gray | Janet: Amy Fleming

Producer: Alex Yaghma


Spear Carriers

By Andrew Thompson | Directed by Eleanor Clare Taylor

A play about acting, actors, boredom and sexual consent. Two actors sit backstage during a long production run and try to solve their careers, their love lives and themselves. It’s about what you do when you have nothing but time on your hands.

Two: Ross Virgo | Three: John Etherington

Producer: Samantha Schofield


Orange Juice

By Charles Lewis Meyrick | Directed by Neil Clarke

Jerry will not give his mother, Blanche, any orange juice. This makes Blanche unhappy. Another young man, Marty, tries to marry Blanche. This makes Jerry unhappy. But Marty is doublecrossing everyone. This makes everyone unhappy.

Blanche: Kate Handford | Jerry: Charlton O’Connor | Marty: Carl Blades

Producer: Charles Lewis Meyrick


Showcase Team

Producers: Samantha Schofield & Helen Thomas

Design Consultant: Isabella Van Braeckel

Music/Sound Design: Alex ‘Jupi/ter’ Glynn

Stage Management: Helen Thomas & Alex Yaghma

Photographer: Patricia Oliveira

Poster Design: Charlotte Ive