Let The Write One In

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Let The Write One In: A New Writing Showcase

12th March 2017 at The Vaults, Waterloo

Following the success of their previous nights of new writing, Front of House Theatre Company returned to The Vaults with their third new writing showcase, Let the Write One In.

Featuring tales of incompetent kings and missing memories, old friends and civil liberties, war zones and waking up with someone you can’t quite remember…

With a mixture of new and returning writers and directors, the show featured six brand new plays produced and performed by the Front of House staff at a certain large concrete building on the South Bank.


“An excellent night of varied and exciting new theatre”
London Theatre 1

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By Gavin J Innes | Directed by Katie-Ann McDonough

He drinks a whisky drink, she drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a larger drink, she drinks a cider drink, he slurs something incomprehensible in her ear, she spits up a little bit of sick in her glass; and then it all becomes a bit of a blur. Jessica and Murray think they’ve had a heavy night – just wait until the morning has finished with them.

Jessica: Carrie Hill | Murray: Jay Mailer


What A Liberty!

By Michael Ross | Directed by James Price

It’s 1975 and the National Assembly of Civil Liberties are in the vanguard of fighting against racism, sexism, and homophobia; abolishing the death penalty and abortion; and tackling censorship in the media and arts. It’s an open-minded organisation, campaigning for human rights and freedoms, but even the most liberal group must face the limits of their own tolerance. Enter Colin, who hopes the group will allow him to join and take on his own controversial cause as their next campaign.

Charlotte: Niki Angus-Campbell | Linda: Robin Kristoffy | Julian: Karl Mercer |
Colin: Lewis Newman


Something Like Light

By Sophie McKay | Directed by Jackie Fisher

In a dimly lit bar in the middle of a war zone, Diana and Matthias meet. What are their reasons for being in such a godforsaken place? Something Like Light considers the integrity of our intentions and motivations. Where do the lines of morality blur?

Diana: Olivia Meguer | Matthias: Tom Campion | Young Woman: Alex Kristoffy


The Bum-Guff King

By Charlie Meyrick | Directed by Sergio Maggiolo

As his kingdom collapses around his ears, the Bum-Guff King cannot understand why his people don’t love him anymore. Rebels have stormed the palace and now it’s down to his loyal Man-Servant to protect him in the face of a firebrand rebel leader. Together, they attempt to drag the King from an uncertain fiction into an even more precarious reality.

The Bum-Guff King: Callum Roberston | Man-Servant: Katie Overstall |
Rebel Leader: Emma Bentley


Human Nature

By Daisy Watford | Directed by Brigitte Adela

Beth can’t remember much of her past. Jason says that she’s had an accident, but she doesn’t remember that either. Why does he keep asking her questions? One thing’s for sure, something isn’t quite right.

Beth: Eve Atkinson | Jace: Carl Blades | Carol: Su Gilroy


Patterns in the Sky

Written and Directed by Katherine Kotz

Roxanne’s wheelchair is the talk of the town. All the dogs in the neighbourhood run alongside it. No one pushes Roxanne, that’s why her arms are superwoman-strong.  Her friend Alison is allergic to dogs and possibly to wheelchairs, both make her extremely nervous. When something unpleasant happens, the two women are forced to confront their attitudes towards one another.

Roxanne: Tricia Wey | Alison: Sophie Ormond

Showcase Team

Producers: Helen Thomas & Katie Overstall
Design Consultant: Isabella Van Braeckel
Production Photographer: Patricia Oliveira
Poster Design: Katie Overstall

With thanks to the Central St Martin’s Props and Costume Departments, Dominic Rose, Samantha Harding, the NT Security team, and all at
The Vaults